HOLISTIC life coach, PRAHA

I empower individuals to liberate themselves from limiting beliefs, discover lasting happiness, and achieve success on their terms.


Allow me to understand you better…


Do you feel trapped in an endless cycle of stress and pressure, yearning for both success and happiness?


Are you tirelessly juggling an overwhelming array of priorities, leaving a little time for your well-being?


Do you crave authentic connections, instead of superficial or toxic relationships, and long for a genuine sense of belonging?


Are self-doubt, negative thoughts, and fear of failure constant companions, hindering your ability to make choices with confidence?


Do you find yourself lost and overwhelmed, both in life and the city of Prague, lacking a clear direction and life purpose?


Do you crave authenticity, fulfilment and life balance? You simply want to be happy!

Feeling lost in life or in Prague (Praha)? I am a holistic life coach who guides expats to find their life compass

Let’s embark on an empowering journey and explore the possibilities that lie ahead. As a holistic life coach based in Prague, I will navigate you towards the shores of happiness, inner peace, and fulfilment…

Holistic coaching empowers you to:


Understand your situation and explore various facets of your life, incl. relationships, career, health, and personal growth.


Learn from experience, discover your true self, set values and boost your confidence


Manage negative thoughts, stress, and anxiety, safeguarding against burnout.


Acquire tools for better understanding and communication in interpersonal relationships.


Explore and learn to manage your emotions. You will cease to fear standing up for yourself and your dreams.


Boost your self-worth by removing blocks and limits in your thinking.


Achieve balance and harmony in life, fostering a sense of fulfillment and purpose.


Establish vision, create a plan, and gain motivation to pursue your goals further.

In my holistic coaching approach, I use life coaching combined with mentoring.
During holistic life coaching (Prague, Praha), I actively listen and ask questions to my clients.

My Holistic Coaching Approach

Embark on a coaching journey free from pressure and preconceived notions. Together, we will explore the challenges you encounter, crafting personalized strategies for overcoming them.

I am not a passive listener—I am wholly committed to your journey. Employing techniques like goal setting, visualization, and behavior change, I tailor my approach to your specific needs and goals. It involves a harmonious blend of coaching and mentoring. 

Holistic coaching views each individual as a complete entity, acknowledging the interconnection of various life aspects. It aims to create a positive and enduring change by addressing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual topics.

This approach fosters self-discovery, encourages personal growth, and cultivates a holistic, integrated approach to living a more fulfilling life.

Importantly, you always remain in control of the actual steps; the responsibility to change is on you.

My clients’ references:

“I met Denisa when I was struggling with choosing between working in a corporation and becoming a freelancer. She helped me understand which way of working suits me best and why I was hesitating for so long to take this step. I no longer doubt leaving the corporation. She grasps your problems in a blink of an eye, and her analysis is on point. I can truly recommend her!”

Maria, Content Creator & Project Manager, expat in Praha

Denisa helped me find resources to get things done, put my life in order, and enjoy small steps on the way to reaching my Northern Star. Working together, I gained confidence that things can be changed for the better. Positive results did not take too long, and the desired happiness is already here waiting for me. After a few sessions, I firmly believe that “I can, I want, I deserve to be happy.”

Maxim, Product Owner, expat in Praha

I met Denisa when I was working on my diploma thesis and going through a dark period. Already the first session helped me gain perspective on my life issues and realize that the worst-case scenarios probably won’t happen, so it’s not worth my energy and stress. We found a trick to avoid stress by comparing the exams to my dancing competitions. In the end, I passed both – the diploma and finals – on the first try.” 

Marie, Social Media Specialist, expat in Budapest

Holistic life coach for expats in Prague, Praha

Coaching expats allows me to “travel” while rooted in Prague

Hailing from Brno, I stand apart from being an expat or a typical local of Prague. My journey spans approximately forty countries, encompassing hitch-hiking adventures and a year abroad. With a remarkable academic background, holding Master’s degrees in Law and Business, I spent five years as a strategy consultant, leading international project teams, including Diversity & Inclusion initiatives.

However, life took a different turn when burnout and personal crises paused my unstoppable path. I discovered my calling in psychology and coaching. This transformative period led me to reconstruct my life, alter my career trajectory, find a life partner, and ultimately, become a life coach in Prague.

My story is an example that every crisis can be a learning opportunity. No matter how lost one feels, the path to discovering our true selves is always within reach. I’ve learned to find happiness without constant performance and travel.

My mission is to inspire you to embark on a similar journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.

Contact & Price

Embark on your transformational journey today.

For those residing in Prague, our face-to-face sessions will take place in Praha-Vinohrady, conveniently located near I.P.Pavlova. If you are located outside of Prague, we can connect online.

Holistic coaching rates:

-3.000 CZK / 90 minutes
-15.000 CZK / Program to Find Your Purpose
(6×90 minutes within 3 months)

Book your FREE online meeting (30 minutes) to get to know each other and discuss the best approach for your current needs.

Message me at koucka@denisa-lobova.cz, OR +420 608 639 449.

I am looking forward to meeting you soon!